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Some Awesome Features

Our Software Provides Some Unique Features For Our Users
Database Support

You can access SQLite, MySQL and MS SQL databases and explore its data. Also you can access and edit your live, network or local databases. It provides you best data editing and exploring functionalities.

Object Explorer

We provides best table Listing, exploring, filtering, column & dataType viewing. Object Explorer enlists database tables and views and gives filter functionality to your long list of tables. You can view table columns and its datatype, constraints and relationships.

Data Listing

SQLDataEdit gives data listing functionality in grid. It Provides paging functionality to large amount data. Also you can search in current page and in database and list your filtered data. Data listing provided with best UI and formating.

Data Add-Edit-View

You can Add-Edit-View records. Software generates dynamic forms for tables so you can perform your data operations easily. Add-Edit forms generate dynamic controls as per needs. also it provides foreign key support using combobox so you can do editing in your database.

Delete Functions

SQLDataEdit provides various delete functionality. You can delete your selected record one by one. You can delete filtered records. Also you can delete duplicate records on single click. This deletes duplicates records on specific columns selected by you.

Data Import-Export

You can export your data to various format like CSV, EXCEL, Text, PDF, HTML. Also you can generate SQL script of data and export it easily by single click. You can import data from Excel or CSV file easily.

Query Editor

Query Editor provides you functionality to execute your custom database operations. Query Editor Designed with rich features so you can take higher advantage of it. Data export facility is also available in Query Editor you want.

Database Docer

In Docer you can generate documentation of your database. It gives table details, various constraint details like primary key, foreign key, unique key, identity key details. Also you can generate PK-FK relation and overview report of database.

Edit All

In this form you can edit all table data at a time. You can apply find and replace function and update it on a single click. Edit All screen designed when there is need to change data of multiple records by saving time. It provides Foreign key support for easy editing.

Screen Shots

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Databases We Support

We provides best database data access UI for our users.
MS SQL Database

Connect your MS SQL database in SQL Server and then use SQLDataEdit to change the data of database with smooth interface.

MySQL Database

Connet your MySql Database in any server and then use SQLDataEdit to do data manipulation task without any worries.

SQlite Database

SqlDataEdit gives you best user interface to edit data in sqlite database. Just select your sqlite database file and you will get best access to your data.

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Jerry Wilson

Finally, I found the tool which I was searching for long time. It's one and only dynamic tool on which I can access my all databases data easily. I got more then I wanted.

Katrin Jim

I highly recommended this tool for developers working with data. I manages all my live servers data and reviews it easily using SQLDataEdit. It's simply beyond limits.

Dwayne Johnson

This is best tool to edit SQLite database data. I was searching tool to edit SQLite Database because everytime I have to do it with queries. Now I'm Feeling relieved.

Chris Evans

Yeah, all the functionalities are great. But I liked the foreign key column display in other table. Also dynamic data insertion form and EditAll form are excellent.

alt alt alt Download SQLDataEdit Now !!! DOWNLOAD

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SQLDataEdit is the best data-editing tool. We have developed easy, accurate UI. SQLDataEdit gives lots of functionalities you need.

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